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PSS - We teach tips & techniques for boosting sales,
managing more effectively, keeping up top success

Selling Super Stars - Sales Seminars - Training by Toula Kountouris

  • Step up performance & increase sales
  • Overcome objections & close more sales
  • Build-up UPT's & increase daily sales
  • Create new clients & grow business
  • Sales train staff & create top performers
  • Recruit & staff stores more effectively
  • Achieve sales goals & keep business on top

Take Your Sales Force to the Next Level

Personalized Sales Seminars (PSS) provides dynamic sales training that will equip & empower your staff for greater performance! Transform your sales force into Selling Super-Stars!



Some of our clients include...

Personlized Sales Seminars

Greetings Fashion Retailers!

Thank you for your interest in our business -
Personalized Sales Seminars, PSS.
We are a sales training service for fashion retailers, dedicated to making retail stores more profitable. Our sales training offered globally is powerfully effective for developing all levels of retail staff to improve performance, and increase their business. Check out PSS services, and call us to plan a profitable sales training event for your stores. We are committed to your company's increased sales growth and continued success!

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Toula Kountouris


Retail Sales Training that Works


In-Store Selling

Sales Training Events

Make selling the primary focus & more fun in your stores! PSS sets up super profitable sales training events, with ongoing results. These events, which include in-store selling, sales seminars, mgmt development and staff recruitment are a sure bet for training staff to improve performance, increase sales and accomplish greater success.
Salespeople will learn new skills for selling more effectively, and managers will gain top leadership strategies for building and maintaining a more profitable business.
We provide 4 in-store sales training events; designed for sales staff, managers, dept/mega stores, as well as extended events for multiple stores. All sales training events require a sales seminar to be scheduled before or after events.

Sales Staff Events

Full day sales staff events are set up in stores, and require all staff to participate with management scheduled all day. These events teach staff how to ...
  • Connect easier with clients & create sales
  • Convert tough clients & increase business
  • Create new clients & develop customer base
  • Achieve sales goals & become Selling Super-Stars

Management Events

Full day management events are set up in key stores for each district, and require all day attendance.
These events equip managers with top leadership skills which enable them to ...
  • Improve performance & keep business on track
  • Sales train more effectively & develop top staff
  • Manage the sales floor & increase sales productivity
  • Step up leadership & move business forward

Department & Mega Store Events

Two full day events are set up strategically for dept/mega stores. Dept managers and all staff from each division are required to particpate.
These events coach staff within each dept to ...
  • Focus more on clients & boost dept sales
  • Step up performance & increase sales transactions
  • Create new clients & keep business on track
  • Improve service & develop customer base

Multiple Store Events

We extend plans to set up in-store sales training events for major retailers with multiple stores. Contact us to discuss a comprehensive sales training event that works for your company.

Classes / Workshops

Educational Sales Training

Sign up for interactive sales staff & management training courses that work! PSS offers different levels of classes / workshops for all retail staff. The curriculum is based on actual in-store PSS sales training, that has proven to increase business significantly. This educational method of sales training will equip participants with new skills and greater confidence to step up and achieve greater success.
We offer 3 levels of training courses, designed for sales staff and managers. Training is set up at convienent locations / times to ensure that the business in your stores remains uninterrupted during training periods. Contact us to help you select the courses that will best fit your staff's needs.

Sales Staff Training Courses

Each sales staff course requires 4 hours, and must include 4 or more attendees per company. These courses come in 3 levels and may be scheduled back to back for more extensive sales training.

Level 1 - Basic
Introduction To Selling Successfully
  • Learn to sell successfully & succeed in retail
  • Convert tough clients & increase business
  • Overcome client objections & close more sales
  • Recap training & establish new sales goals
Level 2 - Advanced
Developing Sales Expertise
  • Build up UPT's & achieve sales goals
  • Keep up performance & maintain success
  • Create new clients & develop more business
  • Recap training & implement new sales strategies
Level 3 - Super-Star
Becoming a Selling Super-Star
  • Develop sales expertise & exceed daily goals
  • Apply new sales strategies & increase store business
  • Step up to team selling & sales leadership
  • Recap training & become a leader in your store

Management Training Courses

Each management course requires 4 hours, and must include 4 or more attendees per company. These courses are offered in 3 levels, and can be scheduled one after another for more intensive management training.

Level 1 - Basic
Introduction To Sales Management & Training
  • Become a selling manager & improve store sales
  • Coach staff performance & build selling momentum
  • Keep up top performance & maintain sales goals
  • Recap training & establish new mgmt goals
Level 2 - Advanced
Develop Leadership Skills & Store Profitability
  • Improve mgmt performance & lead success by example
  • Sales train effectively & improve staff performance
  • Develop recruiting skills & hire better staff
  • Recap training & implement leadership skills
Level 3 - Super-Star
Become A Super-Star Store Manager
  • Manage the sales floor & increase sales productivity
  • Create selling super-stars & sales leadership in store
  • Develop new store leaders & increase store growth
  • Recap training & move business forward

I was blessed to meet Toula. Shes taught me many important selling techniques, but what I value most is how she taught me to build relationships with clients, break the barrier of shyness and gain a valuable friendship with each client resulting in phenomenal sales!!!

Kathy Mohammad
Store Manager

Toula will bring the energy you never thought existed in your store! She shows you a fearless approach and how to turn those JUST LOOKERS into FABULOUS CUSTOMERS! After she leaves your store you know anything is possible and you feel free to approach anyone. She will touch anyones heart and your cash register a lot! Watch those sales grow!!!

Julie Mantas
District Manager

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Sales Seminars

Customized for All Retail Staff

Fire up your sales force to step up & make more business happen! PSS offers a variety of engaging sales seminars customized for all retail staff. Our seminars are highly informative, super motivational, packed with tips and techniques for boosting sales and keeping business on top. "Toula", your speaker, will challenge and motivate your sales force to improve performance and make their stores more profitable. Toula's sales training expertise enable her to deliver impactful seminars that influence greater success.
We offer a variety of seminars on all selling and management subjects. Check out some of our topics, and contact us to set up your company's next sales seminar.

Sales Staff Seminars

  • Selling vs. Clerking
  • The 4-Step Selling System
  • Go 4 The Goal
  • The Ultimate Wardrobe Stylist

Management Seminars

  • Managers Game Plan 4 Winning
  • Super Charge your Sales Staff
  • Make your Store More Profitable
  • Rev-Up Mgmt Performance & Move Forward

Upper Management Seminars

  • Keep Your District On Top
  • Recruit More Effectively
  • Top Techniques for Picking Top Performers
  • Hire & Maintain Productive Managers

Department & Mega Store Seminars

  • Rock Your Sales Goals
  • Sell More Products & Increase Dept Sales
  • Cashing-In On Accessorizing
  • About-Face Its Time To Super-Shine

Recruiting Services

Staffing Stores Effectively

Raise the recruiting/hiring standards in your stores & make your business more profitable! PSS offers proven recruiting services guaranteed to help your managers to staff stores more effectively. Part of our recruiting services include, teaming up with managers to go recruit and find top talent. Overall, we participate with interviews, assist with testing qualified candidates, and help to select the best staff for your stores. The recruiting workshops we offer, will equip your managers with vital skills for maintaining top staff and keeping their stores highly profitable.
We customize our recruiting services to meet the staffing needs of your stores. Choose from the following 3 options:

Option 1 - Recruiting Day
1 full day includes:
  • We recruit for several stores within close proximity, and find the best prospects for your stores.
  • Provide contact info of top candidates who are interested in interviewing with your company.
  • Follow up with hiring managers to assure that candidates were contacted, and interviews were initiated.
Option 2 - Recruiting / Hiring Strategy
2 full days include:
  • Team up with your hiring managers to evaluate staffing needs, recruit and find talented prospects, and participate with the overall interview process.
  • Co-evaluate qualified candidates on the sales floor as part of the interview process, observing them in action to determine if they're a good fit for your stores.
  • Follow through with hiring managers to ensure that candidates who pass the interview process and reference checks, are hired ASAP.
Option 3 - Recruiting Workshop
1 full day includes:
  • We provide in-depth mgmt recruiting seminars on how to recruit better, and keep stores staffed successfully.
  • Take managers on actual recruiting outings, to apply newly learned skills and find top prospects.
  • Wrap up with key review session, providing new strategies for each managers staffing needs, requiring DM's to follow up.

My experience with Personalized Sales Seminars, in particular, with Toula, has been magnificent. I have worked on the sales floor, ran the sales floor, sold on the sales floor, and recruited all over with Toula for more than 17 years and will continue to do so forever. Toula is the one person, in all of my experience who truly walks the talk. She knows how to sell and develop clientele for a store better than anyone. She consistently triples a stores sales upon every training. Toula's reputation supersedes her in the industry for being aggressive and having unparalled results wherever she goes. Our stores beg for Toula to come and train! We use her training manuals and DVD for all new hires. When I need to hire a great manager or salesperson anywhere in the country, I call Toula. She recruits in person and provides immediate results. She is sharp, extremely talented, has incredible integrity, and I love her!

Stacey Solomita
Vice President, Sales and Operations
Catherine Frandsen &; Co., Inc.
dba. MaxMara LaPerla Benetton
2901 W. Mac Arthur Blvd. Suite 111
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 754-1800 X17
(714) 754- 1128 fax

Through positive energy and an acute analysis of the consumer profile Toula has helped over and over all our sales associates to maximize their sales. We find her teaching "contagious” in the sense that everybody will start to perform better immediately. Toula is able to impact positively from starting positions to upper management and ownership.

Andrea Rossetto
Independent Retail Consultant

I want to tell everyone what a blessing Personalized Sales Seminars has been over the years. Toula has worked with my company now for over 15 years, and her consistency and passion has never wavered. I can truly say I would not be where I am at today without her assistance. She has taught us the passion of selling and the value of a great store manager. All my best people have trained with her and all will testify that she has made an incredible long lasting impression on their skill and growth. If I ever have a problem in a store or if sales start to slide she is the first person I call to come to my assistance.

Catherine Frandsen (President)
Catherine Frandsen & Co., Inc
2901 W. MacArthur Blvd. Suite111
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714)754-1800 X11 - (714)754-1128 fax


Additional Support

Extended Sales Training / Sales Reinforcement
Keynote & Motivational Speaking

Get more store support & keep up sales and profits through the season! Extend PSS sales training, spreading the selling momentum and sales increases in your stores. Our extended sales training is the best way to impact multiple stores, coach more staff, and keep your business on top. The sales reinforcement we provide guarantees to boost your store events, and develop participating staff in the process. Keynote speaker "Toula" will fire up your sales conferences and empower your retail leaders to take their business to new levels of success.
We customize our additional services to extend out sales training, reinforce store events, and charge up sales conferences.

Extended Sales Training

PSS sales training events can be extended for multiple stores, and department / mega stores. Extended events include: in-store selling, sales seminars, mgmt development, and staff recruitment. Options are available in 1, 2, or 4 week training periods.
Multiple Store
  • 1 week includes; 6 In-Store sales training events
  • 2 weeks includes; 12 In-Store sales training events
  • 4 weeks includes; 24 In-Store sales training events
Department & Mega Store
  • 1 week includes; 6 In-Store sales training events
  • 2 weeks includes; 12 In-Store sales training events
  • 4 weeks includes; 24 In-Store sales training events

Sales Reinforcement

Boost sales productivity, staff performance, and increase your next sales event! Book Toula to reinforce your store events, and drive up the business. Big increases are guaranteed!
Small Stores
  • 1 full day includes: teaming up with staff to work with clients, sell more products, increase sales transactions and boost store business.
Large Stores.
  • 2 full days include: partnering with managers to supervise sales events more effectively; with focus on maximizing sales, keeping up staff momentum and profits, and developing new business growth for the season.
Dept/Mega Stores
  • 3 full days include: working together with dept managers to improve staff performance, and boost sales in each department. Overall, focused on developing more customers, building up sales transactions, and increasing store business significantly.

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

Charge up your company's sales conferences / events with Toula as your keynote speaker. With over 25 years of experience in the retail industry this sales trainer knows exactly what it takes to develop top staff, increase sales and make retail stores super profitable. Toula's sales training expertise and candid speaking style, will fire up your sales force to step up and make their store more successful. Expect your leaders to be inspired, challenged, and leave with new strategies for moving their business forward.

Checkout Clips of a Live Mgmt Seminar with Toula

About Us

Sales Training for Fashion Retailers

Personalized Sales Seminars was established in 1993 by Toula Kountouris. We are a progressive sales training service customized for fashion retailers. Our services include in-store sales training, motivational sales seminars, classes and workshops, recruiting services, keynote speaking and sales support for company events.
Our firm belief about keeping retail stores successful is simply this - Unless your company’s products require no selling, all retail stores must be staffed with sales productive people who are out on the sales floor every day, making the business happen!
This is where we can be of service. At PSS, we don't only talk about effective sales training - we team up with your staff on the sales floor, teaching and showing how to make more money!

Toula Kountouris

Motivational Sales Trainer & Keynote Speaker

Toula Kountouris is an accomplished sales trainer since 1993, and the founder of Personalized Sales Seminars (PSS.) Prior to establishing PSS, Toula was a top salesperson who went on to master all levels of retail management. Toula's passion for selling and proven track record to develop top staff and build up successful stores, landed her as a national sales trainer for 80+ stores. Becoming a national sales trainer inspired Toula to open up her own sales training business that has provided ongoing services to many top retailers globally.

Our Clients

PSS has provided a variety of ongoing retail services to top retail companies since 1993. Some of our clients have included:
Michael Kors, Diesel, MaxMara, La Perla, Macys, DKNY, Hugo Boss, United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, Morgan de Toi, Just Cavalli, Geox, Max Studio, Malo, as well as others.

The boundless energy that Toula possesses is highly contagious! Her enthusiasm for connecting with our sales teams helps her to identify the hidden selling talents of the newest employees and her passionate, hands-on approach motivates, renews, and polishes the abilities of even the most seasoned sales veterans. Results are often seen immediately!

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